Company Profile

Company Profile

I-Larry Synergy Int’l Ltd. has extensive experience in the design, installation and testing of structured cabling systems for Campus, Manufacturing, Academic, Commercial, Retail, Hospital/Health Care environments.

We offer:

  • Category 5,5E, 6, 6E and 6A cabling installation
  • Testing and certification of cabling systems
  • Fiber optic splicing, termination and testing
  • Site survey and design services
  • Conduit installation

Outside Plant Installation

I-Larry Synergy has an expansive background with operating telephone companies inline construction and splicing allowing us to offer you plant-built to the same standards and specifications these companies use. Our offerings include:
  • Aerial, buried and underground cable placement (copper and fiber)
  • High count copper cable splicing and maintenance/troubleshooting
  • Fiber optic cable splicing and termination
  • Fiber optic testing and troubleshooting
  • OSP primary protection and OSP secondary protection
  • Conduit, manhole, pull box installation
  • Site survey and design services
  • Trenching, plowing, road bores, directional bores

Fiber Optic last mile installation

We offer fiber optic last mile installation for Service providers and Telecoms that cannot extend their services to the end-users.

Fiber optics for Enterprise Network

We offer Enterprise solution fiber optics alongside structured cabling for your company high speed data need.

Fiber optics for Campus Area Network

We offer robust fiber optic Campus connectivity across universities and polytechnics all over the country.

Backhaul/backbone Fiber Optics for Telecoms

We offer fiber optic installation for backbone links for telecom companies across Nigeria.

We provide inter and intra state connectivity for telecom PoPs across the country and also provide maintenance of their facilities.